Live Out Your Love. 

The Love Project is self-directed coaching in a box to help with processing negative experiences, getting to know the real you, and learning to love yourself more. It's a journey detox for the spirit, mind, and body. 

The Love Project

"Raw, real, and filled with grit expression and emotions. Truthful insights into patterns of how victims are driven to certain behaviors by family relationships and dysfunctional acceptance of abuse from one generation to another. Kimesha, speaks with truth and un-guarded self-shame to rising from destructive behaviors of abuse and dysfunction to a blessed and fulfilling life of healing and forward movement."

--C. Berry, Victim Advocate, DeSoto Police



This box has the resources and tools to help you get clear and unstuck, especially if you have a pattern of toxic relationships, struggle with low self esteem, low self worth, and have an intolerable negative inner critic that you wish to tame. It is everything you need to start your self love journey, increase mental stability, release old pain, and rebuild self esteem.

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The Love Project, Abuse recovery
Dating Violence and Healing
Tool #1
Pretty On Pretty Off

This book includes:

  • Red Flags of Abuse
  • Healing the Wounded Self
  • Knowing What You Want Questionaire
  • 20 Principles for Loving Yourself More
  • And more
Healing from abuse
Tool #2
5 Steps to Move from Suffering to Contentment

This book includes:

  • 5 Step Process for Healing
  • Chapter Reflection Questions
  • Forgiveness Prompts
  • Breakthrough Journal
Building self esteem
Tool #3
Mastering Self Esteem Workbook

This workbook includes:

  • Lesson Focused Tips on Building your Self Esteem
  • Core Value , Belief, and Self Talk Activities
  • Goal Setting Worksheets
  • Ways to Boost Assertiveness
  • and more
Self love and manifestation
Tool #4
30 Day Live Out Your Love Journal

This self-guided reflection journal includes:

  • 30 Journey Your Thoughts Pages
  • Vision Board Entry Pages
  • Self-Discovery Worksheets
  • Weekly Goal Tracker
  • Monthly Planner
  • Personal SWOT Ananlysis
  • Graditude Log, Affirmations, Checklists and more


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