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Effects of Abuse

Teen Dating Violence: Projects


higher risk for  substance abuse,  eating disorders,  risky sexual  behavior and  further domestic  violence


six times more likely  to become  pregnant and twice  as likely to get a  STD


50% attempt  suicide, compared  to 12.5% of non-  abused girls and  5.4% of non-abused  boys

Dating Violence

Dating violence is more common than we think. Research shows that girls between the ages of 16-24 have experienced a higher rate of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse by their boyfriends. Girls exposed to abuse at home are at an even higher risk of entering into an abusive relationship. The lack of education on abuse may lead a teen to believe this is normal and perhaps acceptable behavior

Teen Dating Violence: News and Tips

Reviews and Testimonials

Teen Dating Violence: Projects

Cedar Hill Collegiate High School

UNT Dallas Campus, Director Counseling

Desoto Teen Council

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