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Success and Business Coaching

Starting a business can be a messy job…

If you are struggling with clarifying your business idea and its marketing, operations and monetizing, I bet you’d really like some help right now. If only someone, who knows more about these things, could take your ideas and put them all together in a simple process you can follow…

Well, good news! You found that someone.

My name is Kimesha Coleman and I am the ultimate business coach for entrepreneurial minded people who are starting their first business. I know how overwhelming it all seems right now, but I can help you organize it and start making money faster than you thought possible.

Success and Business Coaching: About Me
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Success and Business Coaching

is our most popular coaching option and it is ideal for clients who want to “Master Self Esteem” while creating financial freedom and a positive impact.

The Success & Business Package is a combination of coaching strategies – including taking care of all the basics (structure, EIN, name, website, etc.) clarifying business purpose, goal setting, confidence building, and creating a successful plan in order to get your business up and running. 

Success and Business Coaching: Welcome

When you work with me, you are taking advantage of:

  • Confident yet approachable coach that you can feel secure with expressing fears and doubts.

  • Private one on one sessions to ask questions concerning your business in detail without the fuss.

  • Weekly Accountability Check-in to make sure you moving towards your goals so you stay on task.

  • Personalized report to use as a guide to keeping you on track. After each session, you are emailed the exact steps you need to take, no more guessing of what you need to next.

  • Easy-to-follow process, built by small actionable steps. We’ll create a personalized action plan together and once you’re happy with it, you can embark on a journey of entrepreneurship.

  • Unlimited e-mail support to help guide you through the process. So if you have a quick question, need a second opinion; want to share – just e-mail me and I will reply as soon as possible.

  • Affordable plans. We know some startups have limited resources and we make our business coaching accessible to everyone. Why? Because it’s one of the best investments you can make.

I started my own business a few years ago and as an entrepreneur, I know how frustrating it can be to put in all your effort in something and barely see any results because of inconsistency and lack of accountability.

You also probably have a comfortable full-time job, a personal life to attend to, and put your business last on the list.

There are many coaches out there that claim they will make you rich fast and help you build your business in a blink of an eye. I’m not going to lie to you like that because I know what building a business really means; putting in the work to build, nurture, and grow your business.

And because I know, I can help you get your business up and running in 30 days or less.

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Apply Now

Many successful people around the world utilize coaches to help them identify the right path they should be on to complete their goals. As a Certified Results Coach I can help eliminate mental blocks and discover the best path for you.

The Primary Goal of a Results Coach is to help you Learn How to:

  • relieve anxiety, panic attacks and phobias permanently

  • identify when you are “at war” within your own brain and how to resolve those inner confusions and critical self- talk giving the client a congruent, balanced and centered approach to life

  • guidance to reach your true potential, and show you how to self-motivate to reach a desired goal

  • how to negotiate win-win outcomes and have both sides satisfied with the results

  • get you out of those double-binds of “darned if I do and darned if I don’t” situations, and help you get clear about a goal or outcome

  • eliminate language barriers to success.

Everything you want for your business is closer to you than you can imagine – Apply now for the Success and Business private coaching and let me show you just how close.

Success and Business Coaching: Projects
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