7 Steps to Being Your Best Self

April 30, 2020

* Serve others

When you live authentically, you’ll find out that you develop an interconnected sense of being. This is not about choosing blinding  and unconsciously, but to choose from a place where you are true to who you are, living in your purpose and giving of your talents to the world. The rewards for sharing your gifts are indeed pleasing to others and self-fulfilling.




*Know your purpose

Are you drifting through life with little direction - hoping to be happy. When I started to mentor women I knew then that I had found something that really resonated with my soul. I wanted to help other teens and women that have been in abusive relationships to live a better a life and get through their own pain. And that’s how I started, just from of place of knowing I wanted to help others.


* Know your values

What do you value most? Make a list of your top ten values. Check your life goals against your values. If your goals are not alignment with any of your top values get rid of it. For me, creating videos,  writing articles, publishing books, and coaching women aligns with my values of community and inclusiveness.


* Know your needs

Unmet needs will stop you from living authentically. Take care of yourself. List your top five needs and be intentional about getting your needs met. One of my needs is the need for connection. This can be a simple telephone chat, a meeting for coffee, or attending a networking event. Discover what you need in order to be your authentic self.


* Know your passions

Take out some time to get to know who you are and what truthfully love in life. Express yourself and take inspirational steps towards becoming the person you want to be. I’m passionate about people, watching them grow and change for the better. This is congruent with my coaching work. It was very hard for me in corporate space because I couldn’t fully express myself. I find entrepreneurship more in alignment with my core being.


* Live from the inside out

Commune with nature. Breathe deeply to quiet your busy distracted mind. Learn to listen to what your heart is saying. Listen with the EAR that’s between the H & the T. Your heart. Our heart tells us what we we really desiring and points us in the right direction. But most of the time we talk ourselves out of taking action based on what's more logical at the time.


*Honor your strengths

What are your positive talents, abilities, and character traits? Find ways to express your authentic self through your strengths. You can increase your self-confidence when you willingly share what you know with others. I love researching information, developing content, and mentoring. Research is indeed one of my strengths and I having an ear for listening is one of my many abilities I use in coaching.


In transcending from the old self of unworthiness and self defeating habits it can be challenging. Kimesha Coleman specializes in working with women that have a background of low self esteem, low self worth, and abuse. Kimesha offers a complimentary coaching session to get a better understanding of your core issues. Book your session today. Click here http://bit.ly/newclientcoaching


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