2 Simple Ways to Improve Self Esteem and Buildup Your Emotional Immune System

April 8, 2019


There are many people that wish they had higher self-esteem. Feeling more confident and working to demonstrate a better level of self-esteem every day can almost make us feel like we are incompetent for being able to level up emotionally.


An emotional immune system can be the perfect barrier between us and the psychological stress that we might face in the world around us. Our emotional immune system can help us to free ourselves from anxiety and stress by shrugging off a series of events with the confidence of knowing we can rise above them.


Our self-esteem, as it improves works to boost our emotional immune system. Our ability and flexibility to balance our emotions is the idea of an emotional immune system.


In this article we will explore how your self-esteem and emotional immune system are linked.


What is a healthy self-esteem?

There are many psychological experts that are debating what self-esteem and the construct of self-esteem entails. We know that a healthy or positive self-esteem can have amazing improvements for our lives. The general behavior of a healthy self-esteem can lead to healthier physical immune system enhancements as well.


When we are more confident in ourselves we are less likely to get sick, we are able to take on stressful situations and more. Search shows that people that regularly experience low self-esteem and rejection showcase that when placed into social situations or even shown footage of social situations, they seem far more withdrawn than others.


A lowered sense of self-esteem can also put a person in a more vulnerable spot to experience failure. As they continued to experience ongoing failures and a lowered self-esteem this can often lead to a drop in motivation over time. Low self-esteem can also help to make us much more vulnerable to stress, depression, as well as anxiety.


Experiencing stress over longer periods can lead to health changes over time. It weakens our immune system both physically and emotionally. With a regular perpetuation of lowered self-esteem it's possible that our defenses can drop so low that we could easily contract the common cold or unable to handle any type of psychological stress, no matter how small.


Because of the relationship between healthy self-esteem and our physical immune system, it’s no wonder the immune system of our emotions can be greatly affected when we are unable to feel confident about ourselves.


Will improving self-esteem provide a boost to our emotional immune system?

By working at boosting our self-esteem over time it's possible to strengthen our emotional immune system. Just as we would strengthen our physical immune system with the help of supplements and healthy living, we can focus in on our emotional health by working towards improving our self-esteem.


You can boost your self-esteem and your emotional immune system with some of the following exercises:


Self affirmations: Look at the positive characteristics in your life and some of the individual traits that you are most confident in.  Take an index card and write 3-5 affirmations. Say this affirmations every morning and before bed. As you continue to affirm the positive that you find in your life, you’ll begin to feel more confident about yourself. Here’s one of my favorites that helped me out a lot in my business, “I have all the support and resources I need to be success”.


Self compassion: Choosing to cut out overly critical perspectives of yourself as well as others can be important to boosting self-esteem. For me learning to say NO was the way I showed myself the most compassion by not overloading myself with busy work. Choose to be more compassionate towards yourself by restraining from harsh self-judgement, self-rejection, and depriving yourself of the things you really need.


By continuing to work on your self-esteem you’ll that things that use to stress you out and keep you upset no longer bother much if any at all.


Kimesha Coleman is a Motivational Speaker and Certified Results Coach specializing in working with authors, coaches, entertainers, and business professionals to inspire them to new levels of possibilities. Book your almost free self esteem coaching session with Kimesha.

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