Addicted to being the Victim

January 7, 2019


Has being a victim become your norm. Many individuals hold the role of victim and never realize how they participate in their own suffering. The surprising fact is that your brain can become hard wired and actually anticipate or seek out the feeling of stress, sadness, shock, shame, and suffering. This is called addiction. As shocking and far-fetched as it may sound its true.  You are addicted to being the victim.


Do you find yourself always needing to be rescued from a situation, you seem to create a financial crisis on a regular basis, your relationships are full of drama, and no matter what you can’t seem to catch a break?


The addiction to becoming a victim comes out of a number of advantages that a person can experience in this state:


The avoidance of change: there are many people that fear change and being in a constant state of victim-hood can help to prevent it.


It controls others: (codependency) being a constant victim can help to make sure that our needs are constantly met and that people must constantly treat us as a victim because we depend on them.


It is attention seeking: victim-hood can also be an attention-seeking behavior and it's a great way to get attention regularly in a relationship and from others.


It becomes easy to blame others: there is no accountability so making decisions, addressing individual problems or conflicts are handed to others people to take full blame for their situation.


The problems with being addicted to being a victim often end up driving people away, it's not a state that sustainable forever and it puts us in a constant state of limbo. When we are addicted to being the victim it's hard to rise above difficult situations and get to a place where we can thrive. By addressing this addiction and working to overcome it, you can see true growth in your life. You give up the need to feel helpless, seek empowerment, and control of your life.

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