Millionaire Women and the Most Common Factor for Success: Confidence

June 17, 2017



 “If you want one year of prosperity, grow seeds. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want a lifetime of prosperity, grow your self‐worth.” —Chinese proverb





Rosetta Thurman, founder of Happy Black Woman, is dedicated to empowering women to change their lives through entrepreneurship. Rosetta believes you must first set the intention and affirm that you want to be a millionaire in order to become a black woman millionaire.


Set the goal.


She advises women to do the inner work and change their mindset in order to increase self-worth.


“In business you have to sell a lot of products and services and as a woman you must know you’re worth to up level your life”.


Dr. Venus Opal Reese, The Black Women Millionaires Mentor and defiant CEO of Defy Impossible, Inc believes a woman’s self-worth is defined by their net worth. Dr. Venus transformed from a life of violence, drugs and prostitution with the predictable outcome of welfare, addiction, and eventually death. Now, Dr. Venus has turned her survival into a system that fast-tracked her business using her proven programs, systems and strategies making her over seven figures.


Dr. Venus states people “value” where they put most of their time.


“Money is a heart condition that gives yourself permission to receive. Where you put your time is where you put your money”.


Melinda Emerson, founder of Quintessence Group, has branded herself as the SmallBizLady. With a combination of 18 years of front-line and executive management in business and entrepreneurial situations, she shares insights and knowledge through media.


Melinda believes that 90% of being in business is all about confidence. People can smell fear. So if you don't believe no one else will. Melinda expresses the importance of having confidence in your idea, vision, and how you convey yourself to the business community. In other words to wear your confidence and be strategic about how you use your time and money.


Melinda believes that how you display confidence even when you’re uncertain can go a long way towards achieving your goals.


Oprah Winfrey went from wearing potato-sack dresses because of her poverty to America’s favorite talk-show host and lifestyle guru. As a life teacher, she has given vital wisdom to people all over the world on how to live their best life.


As for as success she believes that when you raise your standards or “deserving level” and lower your excuses level you then began to attract the right people, opportunities, and money in your life. 


Oprah admits success is a process and one of her rules is to find your core self (true self). At the core of Oprah she’s a teacher and fame is the platform she uses to reach millions of people. She has discovered what she loves and offers it in a form of a service to others.


The ingredients to a successful formula (Knowledge + Skill = Your Confidence and Certainty Level)


If you believe, you can achieve. Build your confidence and your self-esteem, one small moment, one choice, or one private victory at a time. “My confidence comes from knowing there's a Force greater than myself that I am a part of and is a part of me”.


Kimesha Coleman is a self esteem enhancement expert who helps professional women a and entrepreneurs discover their true self and boost self-confidence level.









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