Why Successful Professional Black Women are Unmarried

May 16, 2017

70% of professional black women are unmarried. Why are there so many black professional unmarried women out there? Studies suggest that when you marry a highly goal oriented woman, there is a greater risk of having a rocky and stressful marriage.  


Is this the truth?


Or are professional black women not wife material? There are numerous reasons involved. Some tend to put their careers as top priority and relationships are secondary to them.


For some after they’re able to pay for a nice lifestyle for themselves, they no longer feel a need to have a man take care of them. And this issue is not only among black women.


Majority of the men these professional black women meet, miss the point entirely that women aren’t asking them to be the bread winner but perhaps only seek to have a companionship.


But here’s the catch twenty two; men have been trained to be the provider and it makes them feel needed.


 However when black professional unmarried women stand firm in searching for impressive men to make them feel like they are getting something out of relationship and wish to see certain qualities as well but few men actually meet the requirements. This is certainly driven by the lack of a positive role models and fathers in the homes. But that’s another story we’ll talk about later.


Yet young girls draw strength, character, and feminine traits from seeing their mother and her effort to be successful and reach the top of their career. All of these factors combined have resulted in many successful professional women left unmarried.


With the passage of time more black women are pursuing their careers and spend their best years getting education and achieving career goals while the majority of the men feel inferior, unneeded and even intimidated by well-educated and financially independent women. Meanwhile women forget that their assets like youth, fertility decreases with age.


By the time they meet a good man it is little too late to start that family. According to survey when men were asked what exactly do they look for in a woman and what was wife material for them apart from good looks, emotional maturity and good health?


They wish for a wife who supports them and trusts them, shares his values and ideas and most importantly wants to raise a family. This is an ahhh moment........


Marriage is a shared responsibility and partnership. Both the man and woman have their roles to play.


These successful professional black women could  easily fit the description to be wife material by following a wise suggestion; if they want to get married and have a family, too also keep their attention on this part of their life too. If marriage, family and children are important to you, perhaps you could smartly divide your focus and time between career and cultivating a meaningful relationship.


You are a strong confident woman, do not let your looks and independence keep you from having the husband and family you desire.


For those looking to become a wife one day but currently keep making the same mistakes to land them as “the ex” or can't seem to get off the friends list, download What My Last Boyfriend Taught Me, a relationship guide for women.  


Kimesha Coleman is a self-esteem enhancement expert who specializes in working with victims of abuse. Kimesha tells of her own compelling journey in her book He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love.



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