11 Motivational Quotes by Eric Thomas the "Hiphop Preacher"

August 30, 2015


I don’t know your situation but I’ve come a long way. Mentally and emotionally speaking.


Starting your own business takes drive, ambition, and determination. Most importantly you have to be able to sustain your motivation in order to deliver your best service and products to your customers on an ongoing basis.


It wasn’t until I found my virtual mentor Eric Thomas that I discovered my “why”. Why I do what I do and what motivates me. Finding my why kept me moving toward my goals and actually helped me to sustain my motivation.


Here are some of the best motivational quotes by Eric Thomas the “Hiphop Preacher”.


"What do you want? Because the days you don’t feel like getting up out the bed, the days you feel like quitting, giving up and given in the only thing that’s going to get you up out that bed, the only thing that’s going to make you strive passed that obstacle, get passed that brick wall. And it’s coming. The only thing that is going to make you get up and do what you’re supposed to do is what you see. Write it down and keep writing. The more you write, the more you see it, the more clearer it becomes". ​


"After you make a decision you better have a sense of urgency. This is what separates the boys from the men, the girl from the woman is how they utilize their time".


"Take advantage of the opportunity in the life time of the opportunity".


"If it didn’t happen on Monday you better have relentless follow-up, you ain’t waiting. Follow-up".


"You’re making a conscious choose to be average. You’re powerful beyond measure. You were born phenomenal. There are 5 million options in the wound and out of 5 million options you made it".


"When you become great it’s not good enough to talk about it or write it down on a board somewhere or get a fancy planner or invest in a workshop. When you become great you’re not satisfied until actualize, until you’re sleeping in it, walking in it, until you possess it and have it. When you are great you will put in the time and energy".


"When you get to the point that you want to be success as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful".


"My why is greater than my sleep.…..What’s your why? Some of you don’t give 120% because your “why” isn’t strong enough".


"Your goals will define what time you get up, how you live your life, when you move, when you say yes, and when you say no".


"If you want to go from the point of being “good to great” you’ll have to go from “noun to verb”. What does this mean…Action. Immerse yourself in it".


"Instead of catching a pace or slowing down, speed up. Optimum what you are already doing. Be more attentive. Don’t just run to it, run through it".


I discovered my “why” and now I wake up motivated. This all paid off. In just a short time after making a decision to write a book about my life story, I wrote and published my first book “He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love” in seven short months.


In all decide what you want, discover your why, and take action. 


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