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Be Victorious Program

Master Self-Esteem

Do you really enjoy helping others reach their goals and seeing their success, but feel bad or undeserving about your own success and procrastination on your goals?

Do you go out of your way to make sure your mate, kids, and friends are happy and have what they need but feel unappreciated, undervalued, and last on the list?

Do you have a pattern of tolerating toxic relationships that leave you mentally and emotionally drained, feeling unloved, and constantly having to prove your love?

In social settings do you feel alone, awkward, or have an increase in anxiety that makes you want to run towards the exit door or hide in a corner?

Well No More! Self-Esteem coaching may be just what you need. So keep reading.

Self Esteem and Relationship Coaching: About Me

Insecure in Relationships

Problem #1

In relationships I often feel manipulated and used by others

Problem #2

I go to extremes to mask the feeling of inadequacy by overly flirting with others and even cheating on your mate to make yourself feel better

Problem #3

I struggle with low confidence and often pretend I have it all together to keep from being vulnerable

Problem #4

I often date partners that make me feel bad about myself, degrade me, and humiliate me in public

Self Esteem and Relationship Coaching: Services

Problem #5

I struggle with feelings of unworthiness and reject healthy relationships because I don't feel good enough or deserving

Problem #6

I was denied or deprived emotional support as a child

Problem #7

I fear abandonment

problem #8

I don't really know what love is because I've never experienced it

Self Esteem and Relationship Coaching: Services

What makes this program effective?

Family Time

Perspective Transformation

Instead of giving you suggestions and new information that you already heard, perspective transformation eliminates learned behavior out of habit and programming; leaving you with a new way of doing things and a fresh view of life.

Confident Woman

Relational Approach

This program focuses on your emotional health and thoughts which produce the results you get. This program brings forward a conscious awareness of your inner conflicts to find the root cause of the issues that block progress and leave you stuck.

Woman at Work

Strategic Development Plan

We work together to develop a plan of action focused on goal-directed change to produce a personalized road map to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Self Esteem and Relationship Coaching: Services
Bullet Journal

Ready to get started. Let's see if we're a good match, book your complimentary breakthrough session by clicking on the button below.

Self Esteem and Relationship Coaching: Quote

​Some of the areas we'll explore

Creating Healthy Boundaries

​Growing up in a dysfunctional family we don’t have the opportunity to learn how to set a boundary or even really know what it is. Setting boundaries implements freedom of choice of what you like and don’t like to protect self; getting to know ourselves and what we stand for.

Self-View and Your Inner voice

The negative inner voice is self-limiting thoughts and attitudes that occurs in all of us, distorts our self-view, and keeps us stuck. 5 Steps to Move from Suffering to Contentment is a great tool to use to help you get started on your inner critic work.

Self Sabotaging Behavior

Non beneficial behavior orchestrated by walking around the same mountain over and over again. This can be overeating, relationship issues,  money memes, and many other undesirable woes.

When and How to Say “No”

A moment of clear choice indirectly affirming something about yourself because it is not your truth.

Re-building self-esteem

This is your personal treasure box filled with thoughts, feelings, and opinion about yourself.


A learned skill. It is a secure foundation of self that pulls from your treasure box (self-esteem) that you display to the world. Confidence is gather from your abilities, qualities, and judgments when setting and achieving goals.


Self inflicted distressed emotion inducing pain or perceived danger.

Self Esteem and Relationship Coaching: Headliner

Be Victorious Self-Esteem Breakthrough Session

We'll address self-sabotaging behavior that propels healthy relationships, create an attractable self-image that aligns you with your ideal mate, generate a dialogue of positive self talk and affirmations, as well as create a personalized plan of action to increase self love and confidence.

Self Esteem and Relationship Coaching: Rates & Packages
Self Esteem and Relationship Coaching: Testimonials

My experience with Kimesha has been nothing but amazing. She has generously shared with me important strategies of taking my career to the next level. With Kimesha’s help, I was able to find my strengths. I admire her spirit and positive view of life.


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