The book is raw, real, and filled with grit expression and emotions. Truthful insights into patterns of how victims are driven to certain behaviors by family relationships and dysfunctional acceptance of abuse from one generation to another. Kimesha, speaks with truth and un-guarded self-shame to rising from destructive behaviors of abuse and dysfunction to a blessed and fulfilling life of healing and forward movement.

C. Berry, Victim Advocate, DeSoto Police

Pretty On Pretty Off

The Journey Within

Have you ever questioned if you’ll ever find true love and freedom? Have you been through challenges that have left you faced with decisions that were all too real? Have you ever thought that your built-up shame and self-hatred would block you from a life of happiness? You probably have as did, Kimesha Coleman, but, like her, you too, shall overcome.

As a single mother of three, Kimesha struggles to find stability. After a second divorce, she was on the brink of a nervous breakdown and had to make a choice. Would she succumb to the role of a victim once again? Or, would she stare down defeat and decide to battle it head-on with one goal in mind: winning.

Despite a life of enduring tragic loss, divorce, toxic relationships, and failure, Pretty On Pretty Off demonstrates that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and through hard work, perseverance, and dedication you can obtain happiness. Kimesha candidly details her harrowing encounters with toxic relationships, the crippling aftermath, her growing through pains—all leading her to success.

Pretty On Pretty Off

Frequently Asked Questions

What audience and age group do you write for?

Primarily, I write for adult women. There is an exception to this because everyone experiences pain and have female family and friends. So a man reading my book can better understand his own pain as well as women.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Writing flows out when you’re in the zone. But it can be challenging getting in the zone to complete a project. For the most part, my story has an energy and awareness that provokes thought and emotions. I write to convey a great story in a way my audience will be with me along the journey can be little annoying because the words have meaning and how they are written and placed on the page can give you a different meaning, view, or perception of what is taking place.

What genre do you write about?

Mainly self-help and memoir. Basically, I've used my own life experiences and wisdom as the bases of my writing.

Is being a writer a gift or a curse?

Being a writer is a gift. Writing allows me to add value to my thoughts by communicating them through story.

How did you come up with the idea for Pretty On Pretty Off?

I wanted to release the survivors that may be suffering in silence by letting them know they were not the only one who face the shame. I wanted to give failure, loss, and abuse a new identity and put the shame where it needs to be. To make surviving something that is glamorous and empowering instead of demeaning and degrading as society has made it out to be. I asked the Universe for a best seller title that people would not be embarrassed to pick up and buy …. read the book

Why did you choose to write about your experience with domestic violence?

Domestic violence is so common than we believe it is. Writing about domestic violence gave me an outlet and space to really examine my own pain. The effects of domestic violence run much deeper than being in a relationship with an abuser. To have the opportunity to share the inner trauma, negative self-talk, and mental anguish will help others that feel the same and may even be pretending to happy because their out of the relationship, but mentally is far from it.

When are you going to publish Pretty On Pretty Off?

Soon! LOL Check out the books page for release dates and my writing schedule.

What’s your favorite book you’ve written?

Pretty On Pretty Off! It’s authentic, raw, and real. I wanted to write something of excellence, something that even Oprah would receive and ahh moment from.

Are you planning a tour for your upcoming book?

Yes, I’m planning the Good Life ten-city book tour for Pretty On Pretty Off. The tour is promoting a life free of violence with a quest for daily happiness and love. Sponsorship opportunities are available for this tour. Click here to learn more about sponsorship, go here for tour dates.

What are you working in now?

A bag of ranch jalapeno popcorn. But seriously, if you want to know about my latest books, the best place to stay up to date is my monthly e-mail newsletter. You can sign up for that here.

Do you offer any free books so I can try your writing out?

Yes! I put my heart and soul into everything that I write and I'm so confident that you'll like my work. You can download a copy of What My Last Boyfriend Taught Me here

I'm a blogger/professional reviewer, how do I sign up for ARC copies or review copies?

Wonderful! I look forward to working with you. Please email with the details of your request. Be sure to include the book title. Working with bloggers is one of the best parts of my job; I can't wait for you and your reviewers to embrace my books!

I'm a blogger and I want you for an interview, can you do it?

Absolutely! Email me at or complete the request form with the dates you'd like me to do it and I'll check my schedule.

Where can we purchase your book?

Excellent question. I'm everywhere. You can grab a copy from my website, Amazon, or Barnes and Nobles.


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