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Conformist, Growth, and Self Awareness

When you have built self-awareness, you have reached the point of knowing yourself well. This level of acknowledgment means that you have balance and a truthful view of your personality. It means that you are usually capable of interacting with others both confidently and honestly.

In the absence of self-awareness, any person who tries to move forward in life, plan for success is bound to taste a bot of defeat in life. Understand that self-awareness is different than awareness. Awareness means that you are wakeful, attentive, and knowledgeable. You have a measure of recognition, approval, and feel good about who you are. Self-awareness when combined with consciousness is an extremely higher plane of self-development.

Most individuals have not reached the height of self-awareness. For instance, you may think that people see you as a responsible person when in reality you lack the ability to take responsibility. This is the vast majority of people on this level of growth in which they are fictitious and evolved, rather than original and created. Many people remain stuck at this level of growth.

Self-introspection principally includes two chapters. The first stage in essence is the process of self-ignorance where a person remains unaware of his inner realization. He continues to search for truth in the entire world but fails to realize that the answers to all his queries lie within self.

The second phase is the phase of self-realization. The responsiveness or awareness of an inner self emerges upon in this segment. This inner self is our relentless collaborator in all our actions and thoughts. Yet, it is reflexive in nature and most individuals are rarely able to realize it. At this point, a person becomes aware of their shortcomings and fears. And, the path of self-development gradually triggers off. This is when you can move toward self-determination and continue through the growing phase while building your inner strengths.

When you have this level of growth it moves you above the self-introspection of the common people in the world. Instead of being the self-ignorant, you become the person in control of your life, including your emotions, thoughts, behaviors, choices, etc. Self-determination provides you strength to go beyond what the average person can do. Instead of being a conformist – someone that follows others, you become a nonconformist ---that is a true leader in the world.

Conformists often spend their lifetime admiring others, becoming fans to others, devoting their time to others – and often falling into the discipline of others. These people find it hard to maintain any level of self-determination. Rather they wait for others to tell them what they should do next. This is your typical conformist, or normal society.

There is no pleasure in spending a lifetime admiring others and hoping that you can be likes them. There is no pleasure in spending your time supporting others for the rest of your life. And there's no pleasure in devoting your time, and waiting for others to discipline you.

Conformists lack a great amount of maturity. This is why you see so many topics written to encourage people to reform their ways and take on the nonconformist attitude, which makes you a winner and a leader. You can find more great material on Kimesha's Youtube channel.

Kimesha Coleman is a Self Esteem Enhancement Expert and Results Coach who works with women who tend to cater to others more and put themselves last on the list to get a clear vision for what they really want, and then I coach them through stuck points so they can achieve success.

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