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6 No Brainer Habits We Fail to Keep Up That Will Boost Our Self-Image

As we make our way through life we gather information and form a mental picture of ourselves based on our experiences, character, obligations, abilities, and possessions. Self-image represents the mental or inner image of self, the personality (reactions and interactions) and the way we believe we fit into the world.

Basically at the core of defining what is self-image means is discovering how you perceive yourself. Our perceptions of self often change over time as we accomplish, handle certain situations and define our current point in life. Developing and keeping a positive self-image can give you a continuous source of confidence.

Feeling good about self can directly impact our happiness and often make us more open to trying new situations and attempting new challenges. A negative self-image will only work to hinder us in life. It can often cause us to avoid taking on a number of decisions that can impact our lives positively. Therefore,  being in an environment with extensive criticisms can leave a person crippled with ongoing complacency and underachievement.

Setting realistic goals while feeling positive is the alignment of self-improvement that many people strive for with their own self-image. Improving your self-image takes work like any other element of our internal health. Performing regular upgrades and enhancements like active goal setting and putting ourselves in new situations can all help with improving self-image.

If you are committed to improving your self-image to accomplish greater positivity in your life here are some of the top ways to work at enhancing your internal image:

Take a look in the mirror, recognize what makes you smile: The mental image of reflection should be one of joy. Not because there aren’t any unwanted items in the mix of your appearance but because those imperfections are what make you unique. When you look in the mirror your positive self-image should shine through. This means seeing yourself for who you really are and having the ability to smile.

Practice gratitude: Take a look at your immediate circle. Feeling gratitude for the people in your life and the things that you are most thankful for can really help to improve your self-image. Listing 10 things that you are extremely grateful for every day can be a beautiful way to see life more positively.

Don't let your past weigh you down: You are your most valuable asset. Protect it by eliminating negative people and environments. Ongoing criticism and talking of your past can hinder your progress in improving your self-image. We all fall down sometimes, just be sure when you do fall you’ll be able to get back up. Dwelling on negative events from your past too long can start to carve away at your positive self-image and self-esteem.

Practice wellness and value your physical health: Remember you are your most valuable asset. Improving your self-image it's crucial. Make sure you’re getting lots of sleep, staying hydrated with quality water and exercising regularly. Putting this amount of focus on your health will ensure a greater sense of worth. When you start to see the results of regular sleep, good eating habits and exercise it can truly help to improve your self-image over time.

Embrace your interests: If you have always dreamed of doing stand up comedy, go to an open mic night and practice your skills. Jumping into a brand-new task and embracing your interests will help you see yourself more confidently.

Don’t compromise yourself: Be consistent about being yourself and never compromise your sense of self. Spend time with the people that see yourself in the same positive light that you do and don’t make changes just to be accepted.

Life can bring up many twists and turns that may leave you feeling unsure about yourself. As a survivor of abuse, my self-image was totally distorted. Over time and being consistent I was able to put on a new identity and create an amazing life. You can do the same Here's a great Self Esteem checklist to help you get started.

Kimesha Coleman is a Motivational Speaker and Results Coach who works with women who tend to cater to others more and put themselves last on the list to get a clear vision for what they really want, and then I coach them through stuck points so they can achieve success.

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