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4 Powerful Tools to Boost Your Self Worth

Improving your self-esteem takes time. Especially coming from a place of unworthiness or not good enough. These feelings about yourself keep you from reaching for better things in life because of abuse, negative opinions from others, and past failures. I created Mastering Self-Esteem: 5 Steps to Move from Suffering to Contentment to help individuals that are struggling with letting go of their past pain. These strategies helped me moved from that hurtful place in my life and I’m sure they will do the same for you.

Once you are ready to take back your power, working on your self-worth should be considered. Here are some proven best practices you can use for building up your self-esteem. These simple steps practiced consistently will help you to improve your confidence and change your perspective on how you value yourself. Here are four top methods you can use for improving your self-worth:

  • Increase positive in your self-talk:

Falling into the habit of pessimism is easy, especially with all the negativity we see around us. Positive self-talk and having a positive mindset is an extremely important aspect of improving your self-confidence. Constantly challenge yourself to avoid negative thinking by being more optimistic. Try to look for the good in every situation, even in your failures and losses. Examine your failures for improvements. Next time around you’ll do much better. Going through loss, divorce, or any sudden change can be hard. We sometimes second guess and beat up on ourselves for things not working out. Again practice being optimistic. Continue practicing positive self-talking and focusing on the good qualities about yourself. This pattern of behavior will work at building your confidence levels by providing a space for failures and re-assuring your abilities.

  • Lighten up:

Except good things to happen. Often times before anything bad actually takes place we start to visualize and think of the worst possible things happening. Lighten up on yourself and except good things to happen despite the situation. If you make a mistake don't linger on it, learn from it. It can be easy to stress on various mistakes and even feel down. Don’t let things get you stuck in self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior. This type of self-view makes it difficult for you to progress towards change.

  • Focus on you:

It can be easy to measure your own self-worth against someone else. Remember that other people come from different circumstances and that everyone is unique. Figure out what your talents are and celebrate them rather than constantly wishing you could be like someone else in certain areas or have their life. To find what your strengths and talents pick Strength Finder by Tom Roth. Hire a coach or mentor to help figure out what you’re good at and which direction to go in. You’ll be surprised what you find out about yourself.

  • Look at your support network:

Remaining positive means surrounding yourself with positive people that educate, empower, and celebrate you. It can take time to build up a support network of individuals who can provide you with a positive environment regularly. Take notice of how you feel around certain people and your energy level around them. Does your energy suddenly become depleted in the presence of people that lack something good to say or complain and blame others for their failure? Maybe you should distance yourself or even eliminate the relationship to give yourself a break from people who have a negative impact on your self-worth.

Remember you get out of life what you demand from it. How you feel about yourself will reflect in the decisions you make and the relationships you choose . Continue to practice the steps above and work on yourself.

Kimesha Coleman is a Self-Esteem Enhancement Expert and Results Coach who works with women who tend to cater to others more and put themselves last on the list to get a clear vision for what they really want, and then I coach them through stuck points so they can achieve success.

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