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Pretty On Pretty Off

Despite a life of enduring tragic loss, divorce, toxic relationships, and failure, Pretty On Pretty Off demonstrates that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and through hard work, perseverance, and dedication you can obtain happiness. Kimesha candidly details her harrowing encounters with toxic relationships, the crippling aftermath, her growing through pains—all leading her to success.

Pretty On Pretty Off
Indie Author Legacy Award Winner Kimesha Coleman

2017 Indie Author Legacy Award - Social Awareness

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The book is raw, real, and filled with grit expression and emotions. Truthful insights into patterns of how victims are driven to certain behaviors by family relationships and dysfunctional acceptance of abuse from one generation to another. Kimesha, speaks with truth and un-guarded self-shame to rising from destructive behaviors of abuse and dysfunction to a blessed and fulfilling life of healing and forward movement.

C. Berry, Victim Advocate, DeSoto Police

 I felt healing in the pages. Immediately brought me into her world using her journey, simplified the different forms of abuse and how to recognize the signs. The inspiring message of victory was powerful. A quick, simple, impactful and informative read. Great addition to women's shelters libraries!

Rachel Labus
Account Manager, King Charles Productions

She has clearly worked very hard to search deeply into the pain & face much pain, confusion, denial (our natural survival mechanism).


 This book is life changing and can help you to understand how to love yourself in spite of your past and how to move forward in positive way. 

Life Changing

Incredibly impressed and empowered!!!. Kimesha's story of overcoming a pattern of abuse and self-hatred to learning inner worth and purpose is POWERFUL!

Liz Simpson, Self Discovery Coach

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He Loves Me Not by Kimesha Coleman

Great for book clubs, women empowerment meetups, birthday parties, event swag bags, and girl talks. Contact us for a bulk book quote and more information.

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