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With an abuser poised over her as she desperately shut her eyes and pretended to sleep, Kimesha Coleman acquired the label of victim at the age of 7. With no one to protect her and no one to demonstrate real love, Kimesha stumbled into adulthood, racked by relationship after violent relationship. There was the young man who smacked her with the side of a handgun, took her to a graveyard, and threatened her life, only to break down in sobs when she told him “I love you.” There was the insanely jealous guy who cheated on her yet taunted her with lit matches and a wire coat hanger, signaling the sick ways he intended to control her. Kimesha would exit one abusive relationship then get in another, propelled by a perverse attraction that always ended the same way. She would find herself crumpled on the floor, crying and shaking, blood running down her face. Just like her mother.

And a part of her liked it. She was back in the role she could play by heart: victim.

But one day Kimesha decided to write her own ending to the story. She cried out to God, and He showed her “The Greatest Love of All”—the need to love herself. Day by day, Kimesha began to put on a new identity: of courage, tenacity, persistence, and confidence.

He Loves Me Not by Kimesha Coleman

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This book is life changing and can help you to understand how to love yourself in spite of your past and how to move forward in positive way. A lot of people can't and won't seek the help that is available to them. God loves us all and her willingness to submit brought victory. I thought the 20 principles of loving yourself was great words of wisdom and life changing advice that is Chicken Soup for the soul

Palette of colorful inspiration

Great book

Eye opening view from the victim-survivor point of view, guide as to what abuse looks like

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 I felt healing in the pages. Immediately brought me into her world using her journey, simplified the different forms of abuse and how to recognize the signs. The inspiring message of victory was powerful. A quick, simple, impactful and informative read. Great addition to women's shelters libraries!

Rachel Labus
Account Manager, King Charles Productions

She has clearly worked very hard to search deeply into the pain & face much pain, confusion, denial (our natural survival mechanism).


 This book is life changing and can help you to understand how to love yourself in spite of your past and how to move forward in positive way. 

Life Changing

Incredibly impressed and empowered!!!. Kimesha's story of overcoming a pattern of abuse and self-hatred to learning inner worth and purpose is POWERFUL!

Liz Simpson, Self Discovery Coach


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