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Courage, Transparency, and Tenacity

Kimesha delivers an unique crowd moving presentation that radically and wonderfully transforms your audience. Her presentation is empowering, confident, and bold giving hope despite previous failures or what happened in the past. She's a inspirational machine who empowers and celebrates each member of her audience to succeed at their full potential. Kimesha teaches the methods for improving self-love and self-esteem taking life to new levels of success in relationships, career, and business!

Drawing from her compelling book, He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love, Kimesha shares best
practices to help attendees learn how to pin point abusive situations, break free from the visible jail of low
self-esteem, and create healthy boundaries for themselves.
This 30-45 minute signature keynote weaves together storytelling, best practices, case studies, and humor,
this presentation is ideal for women empowerment events, domestic violence awareness, industry forums,
church ministries, teen expos and conferences.


Speaking Topics

Self-Esteem | Leadership | Domestic Violence | Teen Dating Violence | Suicide | Goal Setting | Relationships | Success | Overcoming Adversity


Domestic Violence

Women make up 85% of domestic violence cases.  There are over 18 million mental health visits due to intimate partner violence each year. Discover how you can increase your self esteem and set boundaries using simple strategies to revolutionize self love and raise awareness around abuse.

Weight Watchers


Michele Sharon, MS, LPC

Proved herself to be an excellent speaker and presenter. She connected well with the audience, and told her story
with fluency, passion, and humor. The audience – including staff – were excited and inspired by Kimesha’s personal journey; how she overcame a history of relationship abuse to claim her present, and affirm her bright future. Her empathetic, and professional approach made her a pleasure to work with.

Hands Up

Fake Love

(Interactive) Teen Dating Violence

Kimesha discusses the unknowns of teen dating violence giving teens an inside look on how it starts, the settle clues, and how the victim's compliance increase the acceleration of abuse. Kimesha defines what a relationship is, provides an emotional description of what love is, and the importance of setting boundaries in all relationships.


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Low self-esteem plays a part in all the self-destructive decisions we make including procrastination, toxic relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, unplanned pregnancy, and suicide. Did you know that your self-esteem is your guidance system determining who you date, where you live, what position you hold, how well you perform on the job, who your friends are, your health, and overall success in life. Find out the secrets to boosting your self-esteem and living a confident life.

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