Pretty On Pretty Off: The Journey Within

Have you ever questioned if you’ll ever find true love and freedom? Have you been through challenges that have left you faced with decisions that were all too real? Have you ever thought that your built-up shame and self-hatred would block you from a life of happiness? You probably have as did, Kimesha Coleman, but, like her, you too, shall overcome.

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Mastering Self Esteem: 5 Steps to Move from Suffering to Contentment

Mastering Self Esteem is a powerful to overcome low self esteem by learning to re-frame how we see ourselves and experiences. It aids in breaking free from the groove of scornful thoughts that block a healthy relationship with self and others by challenging our beliefs around the truth.

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He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love

Kimesha would exit one abusive relationship then get in another, propelled by a perverse attraction that always ended the same way. She would find herself crumpled on the floor, crying and shaking, blood running down her face. Just like her mother. And a part of her liked it. She was back in the role she could play by heart: victim.

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