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Kimesha Coleman is an award winning self esteem enhancement expert, an uncommon mentor who specializes in helping women discover their life purpose, achieve desired goals, and boost self-confidence.   Having so much story to tell and being certified as a Results Coach, Kimesha has taken the business of transforming lives to another level by using her own story and expertise as a stepping stone, and turning the phrase, “I can’t” to “Yes I can.”


As an expert, Kimesha has appeared on numerous radio shows. She recently appeared on KTXD-TV for the Cynthia Austin Show as the co-host of the Lifestyle segment.  She is also the author of He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love, where she tells her remarkable story, and adeptly transformed abuse and self-hatred into motivational jewels. Her book He Loves Me Not won the 2017 Indie Author Legacy Awards – Author of the Year for Social Awareness.

For a job well done!, Kimesha received the WEC Winning Women Award in 2016; for her exemplary work in the community, promoting awareness around teen dating and domestic violence. In 2018, Kimesha partnered with Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, a network of over 42,000 survivors across the country. 


Survivors Speak California 2018



For years I suffered from low self-esteem. I was always shy and withdrawn as a child but after being molested by my favorite uncle my world became even more isolated. I constantly had thoughts of unworthiness and that something was wrong with me. These thoughts did not go away with time. When I had my first relationship these symptoms got worst and others manifested.

My teenage boyfriend was very abusive and controlling. The aftermath of this relationship left me unable to look people in the eye, afraid to speak, anxious and nervous around others.

I didn’t get any help and these symptoms didn’t go away, they grew. Around the age of 17, suicidal thoughts drove me to my first attempt to take my life.

I breezed through life without any real goals, motivation, or ambition. My unaddressed trauma (emotional and physical) continued to haunt me throughout my life. I was involved with several unfaithful men and ended up in an abusive relationship as an adult. Low self-esteem and self-worth didn't just affect my intimate relationships. It affected all my relationships and aspects of my life, including the friends I choose, my career, and life goals.

People with low self-esteem

  • Self-medicate with alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex, shopping, smoking, work in order to cope with life dissatisfaction.

  • Are controlling and perfectionist. They take on roles and tasks to fix the situation and are co-dependent.

  •  Constantly doubt themselves, have a continuous dialogue of negative self-talk and do not trust their own judgment.

  • Unable to affirm themselves in a positive way and reject praise and compliments from others.

  • Operate out of a fear of rejection and often do things they dislike because they cannot say no.

  • Are typically unassertive in their behavior with others.

  • Blame themselves for things not going right.

  • Seek the approval of others to be happy which turns into people-pleasing

  • Are anxious about the future (constant worry) and are often depressed

  • Have a tendency not to act. They become stuck and immobilized because they are afraid of failure.

  • Are unable to make an honest assessment of their strengths, qualities, and good points; they find it difficult to accept compliments or recognition from others.

  • Struggle with social anxiety, appear to be anxious, insecure and nervous around others.

And this was me. I looked confident on the outside most of the time but inside my self-esteem was a total mess. I was tired of my life, pretending and hiding. A life where I was

  • Consistently apologizing

  • Afraid to say "No" because of what people might think

  • Constantly trying to please people 

  • Buy things so that people will think more highly of me 

  • Paying insincere compliments to gain approval

  • Feeling upset, worried, or insulted when someone disagrees with you

  • Failing to complain when I received poor service or a product

  • Spreading bad news and gossip to gain attention and fit in the crowd

  • Asking permission and what others thought when it wasn’t required

So I took action and transformed my life.

As a Self Esteem and Results Coach, I have the passion for helping others bypass the setbacks I’ve personally experienced, break free from their invisible jail, overcome barriers, and finding more happiness.

I totally understand your hardships and know exactly how it feels to live in fear, worry, and uncertainty due to low self-esteem. My goal is to bring hope to the hopeless, to empower and transform lives and be a stepping stone toward a brighter, more promising future you’ll love to wake up to.

My coaching programs offer an on hands approach to working with individuals with low self-esteem in key areas of their life like relationships, career, business, and health.

I offer group and individual sessions that are confidential and conveniently scheduled on your time in person, over the phone, and in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of coaching

  1. More accountability

  2. Personalized attention and support with directly with me

  3. Smooth transition during rough stages in life

  4. Guidance with making difficult decisions

  5. Increase a sense of control and management over life

  6. Fresh perspective on things

  7. Dedication to helping you achieve your dreams

  8. Help identify personal strengths and weaknesses

  9. Create clarity on what you really want

  10. Live on purpose

  11. Grow and stretch yourself to live at your full potential

Let’s get started on getting rid of those problem areas, negative thoughts and old habits that no longer serve you and move on with your life. Book your complimentary session with me.


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