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My heart is heavy with the violations and trash of others. I often feel so distant and foreign to those who look like me. Already I’ve experienced many different traumatic encounters growing up in alcoholism, abuse, incest, and mental illness as a young colored girl. Even though I try harder each day to prove how good I am, I was only worthy of their malicious behavior and the emotional disgust of my presence. My body was not my own, neither were my thoughts, feelings, or reality. I felt low, sad, and invisible unless I served those around me. The pain overshadowed my thinking and drove my suicidal thoughts, bearing a pathway of escapism from this horror story.


Mental, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse stunted my childhood development that would later prevent me from making appropriate life decisions and engaging in healthy relationships for my betterment. Left without the proper growth, tools, and resources from my family, community, and economic systems disrupted my ability to form a healthy identity and coping skills needed as an adult. My identity was vulnerable and exploited by those who created the narratives around me, whether an intimate partner, family member, friend, clergy, teacher or the media. I sought out similar childhood situations and people to relieve my pain and fill the void and emptiness, which only retraumatized me – continuing the cycle of low self esteem, codependency, dating violence, and domestic violence.


It was not until the past pain was processed and resolved that the search for love and the void dissolved.

It all shifted in 2011, when I desperately wanted to change things and make my life better.

I tried dating different men, changing outfits, changing my look or even jobs, nothing really worked properly. That’s when she decided to connect with God and focus on healing my mind and spiritual self. Even if it felt strange or difficult, I knew this was the right thing to do, and God managed to guide me towards growth, removing worries and finally achieving what I always wanted. LOVE

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Kimesha Coleman is an Award-Winning Author hailed by her first book titled He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love winning the 2017 Indie Author Legacy Award for Social Awareness. Kimesha is an overcomer of abuse and a courageous writer of her kind publishing her latest book Pretty On Pretty Off, which eludes an internal fight of mental captivity ensemble by a groundbreaking victory of self-love and mastery. Kimesha is known for working with survivors and has documented the healing techniques she used in the book and journal guide Mastering Self-Esteem: 5 Steps to Move from Suffering to Contentment. She holds a Masters in Business Management and  Leadership from WGU, an Eric Thomas & Associates Certified Speaker and a Self Esteem Coach.

As an expert, Kimesha has appeared on KTXD-TV as the co-host of the Lifestyle segment of the Cynthia Austin Show. She has also been featured in Vogue Dallas Magazine,   Dallas Weekly, Dallas Urban Futures Series,  BBU Magazine, Elsieisy Relationship Blog,  CSSJ American Public Health Association Documentary and appeared on The Ladies Lounge Radio Talk Show on KJBN 1050AM, BBS Radio, Shift Your Life podcast, Conversations that Heal podcast, CCNEC/Africa) and many more radio shows.

For a job well done!, Kimesha received the 2021 Beautiful Heart Award, the WEC Winning Women Award in 2016; for her exemplary work in the community, promoting awareness around teen dating and domestic violence. Kimesha has broken so many grounds and added value to humanity, especially women in distress. She has used her voice and passion for the total well-being of women in her community. As an active community leader, she has partnered with Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice and has served in many other ways in the past including as the Co-Chair of the Desoto Police Domestic Violence Advisory Commission, mentored women at Concord Church, Genesis shelter, and at Hope Mansion.

Kimesha was raised in Oak Cliff, a neighborhood in Dallas, TX.  She is a proud mother of three children, Demond, Madison, and Chance.

About Me: Welcome
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