women to rise above their trauma,
so they can live, love, and earn more.

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Kimesha Coleman self esteem speaker



Self-Esteem & Women Empowerment Speaker

Women Empowerment & Personal Development

She's an inspirational machine who empowers and celebrates each member of her audience to succeed at their full potential. Kimesha teaches short, simple, and straightforward methods of building and improving self-esteem in women.

Self-Help Books

Award Winning Author

Kimesha Coleman acquired the label of "victim" at the age of 7—when she desperately shut her eyes and pretended to sleep with her abuser poised over her. After a series of violent relationships and destructive life patterns, Kimesha decided to write a new story. She cried out to God, and He showed her “The Greatest Love of All”—the need to love herself. Kimesha put on a new identity: of courage, tenacity, persistence, and confidence

Self-Esteem Coaching

Personal Development

Kimesha works with clients to develop a strategic personalized action plan to help heal, grow, and attain a healthier version of you, all by mastering self-esteem. During our coaching sessions, we'll address self-sabotaging behavior that propels healthy relationships, create an attractable self-image that aligns you with your ideal self, and generate a dialogue of positive self talk to tackle fear, weak boundaries, assertiveness, and more.


What People are Saying


"her experience connects with all of us"

Sherrill Patton - Weight Watchers 

"there wasn't a dry eye in the room"

Denise LaFore, Great Gospel Radio 1040am KGGR, Women's History Day Conference



This program is first-class! Mastering Self-Esteem takes a complex subject and simplifies it in clear and manageable steps. Kimesha’s comprehensive approach is designed to enhance participants’ personal growth and development. Evidence-based, relevant, and timely, Mastering Self Esteem is a must for all programs focused on women and behavioral change.

Kimesha is very passionate and dedicated to helping women reach their full potential. She is an amazing coach with lots of great insight and knowledge.

Michèle Sharon, LPC

Kwandi Young, I AM Enough Global

Passionate about her purpose and commitment to assisting others.

Kimesha has experienced firsthand the devastating effects of low self-esteem. In this program, she offers practical steps to walk into freedom. Completing Mastering Self-Esteem: Life By Design is the first step to mastering your self-esteem.

Rachel Labus, Account Manager King Charles Production

Lali Stanley, Blogger

My experience with Kimesha has been nothing but amazing. She has generously shared with me important strategies for taking my career to the next level. With Kimesha’s help, I was able to find my strengths. I admire her spirit and positive view of life.