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women to rise above their trauma,
so they can live, love, and earn more.

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"her experience connects with all of us"

Sherrill Patton - Weight Watchers 

"there wasn't a dry eye in the room"

Denise LaFore, Great Gospel Radio 1040am KGGR, Women's History Day Conference

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The narcissist and codependent relationship is a multi-generational value system built on patterns, processes, and the re-production of unhealthy “unresolved” issues. The re-production of codependency is created by a bond similar to the prior generation lacking the basic needs of safety, emotional nurturance, and love. The codependent conforms to the environment by “pleasing” to secure a sense of love and attention. The process of obtaining love is fused within the dysfunctional family in which the child disowns their own needs (role reversal) to primarily focus on the needs of others (parents). This learned pattern teaches the child to repackage their feelings and become the pretender, losing their true identity, self-concept, and self-esteem to comply with unnatural expectations that ultimately cause psychological damage as an adult.

No matter how bad the adult seeks to find a healthy relationship, the predetermined behavior process guides them to another unhealthy and sometimes abusive relationship continuing a series of broken relationships that struggle with the toxicity of codependency.

Are you stuck in a cycle of over-giving, sacrificial toxic relationships?

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[FREE EBOOK for Wounded Women] 3 Low Self Esteem Profiles in Relationships

Empowering women to understand the actions, mindsets, and beliefs that attract toxic short-lived relationships. Download Unmasking Low Self Esteem and learn how low self esteem influences relationships.

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Kimesha Coleman self esteem speaker


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Self-Esteem & Women Empowerment Speaker

Women Empowerment & Personal Development

She's an inspirational machine who empowers and celebrates each member of her audience to succeed at their full potential. Kimesha teaches short, simple, and straightforward methodologies on building self-esteem, intimate partner violence education, and leading while broken.

Self-Help Books

Award Winning Author

Kimesha Coleman acquired the label of "victim" at the age of 7—when she desperately shut her eyes and pretended to sleep with her abuser poised over her. After a series of violent relationships and destructive life patterns, Kimesha decided to write a new story. She cried out to God, and He showed her “The Greatest Love of All”—the need to love herself. Kimesha put on a new identity: of courage, tenacity, persistence, and confidence

Self-Esteem Coaching

Personal Development

Coaching focuses on healing, restoring, and building the disowned, denied, and dismissed aspects of individuals to re-write their story. Every client is provided with a coaching report and a strategic personalized action plan to help heal, grow and attain a healthier version of themselves by addressing the following areas of development:

  1. Low self esteem

  2. Low levels of narcissism

  3. Low emotional expressivity

  4. Saying no

  5. Poor boundaries

  6. Compulsion to care for others

  7. Pretending

  8. Denying needs, thoughts, and feelings

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This program is first-class! Mastering Self-Esteem takes a complex subject and simplifies it in clear and manageable steps. Kimesha’s comprehensive approach is designed to enhance participants’ personal growth and development. Evidence-based, relevant, and timely, Mastering Self Esteem is a must for all programs focused on women and behavioral change.

Michèle Sharon, LPC

My experience with Kimesha has been nothing but amazing. She has generously shared with me important strategies for taking my career to the next level. With Kimesha’s help, I was able to find my strengths. I admire her spirit and positive view of life.


Kimesha has experienced firsthand the devastating effects of low self-esteem. In this program, she offers practical steps to walk into freedom. Completing Mastering Self-Esteem: Life By Design is the first step to mastering your self-esteem.

Lali Stanley, Blogger

Kimesha is very passionate and dedicated to helping women reach their full potential. She is an amazing coach with lots of great insight and knowledge.

Kwandi Young, I AM Enough Global

Passionate about her purpose and commitment to assisting others.

Rachel Labus, Account Manager King Charles Production

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