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Abuse, manipulation,  and mistreatment can have a short term (confusion, guilt, shame, and hopelessness) or a long term (low self esteem, social withdrawal, anxiety, and insomnia) effect on your future relationships, career choices, and business decisions. 

I work with women who have experienced some form of abuse, whether it be narcissism, sexual, or domestic violence to help them walk through their pains to a victorious and joyful life. I specializing in self-esteem and believe personal development and confidence are everything when it comes to success. Building self esteem is one of the vital requirements for real success.  That’s why I chose to work with women who tend to cater to others more and put themselves last on the list to get a clear vision for what they really want, and then I coach them through stuck points so they can achieve success.

“You have to know you can win. You have to think you can win. You have to feel you can win.” - Sugar Ray Leonard

One necessity for success at anything in life is self-esteem. Your self-esteem is the fuel for confidence, and our confidence is the driving force behind every bold and fearless step toward our goals.



Mastering Self-Esteem: Life By Design is a 7-week coaching program that is focused on the development of healthy self-esteem. During our coaching sessions, we'll work on the process of changing incongruent behaviors, negative thinking patterns, and self destructive habits to overcome the barriers that block you from success, keep you stuck in a cycle of toxic relationships, and living below your full potential. In the end, we'll build up your level of confidence and self-worth as you discover who you are.



This program is first-class! Mastering Self-Esteem takes a complex subject and simplifies it in clear and manageable steps. Kimesha’s comprehensive approach is designed to enhance participants’ personal growth and development. Evidence-based, relevant, and timely, Mastering Self Esteem is a must for all programs focused on women and behavioral change.

Michèle Sharon, LPC

Kimesha is very passionate and dedicated to helping women reach their full potential. She is an amazing coach with lots of great insight and knowledge.

Kwandi Young, I AM Enough Global

Passionate about her purpose and commitment to assisting others.

Kimesha has experienced firsthand the devastating effects of low self-esteem. In this program, she offers practical steps to walk into freedom. Completing Mastering Self-Esteem: Life By Design is the first step to mastering your self-esteem.

Rachel Labus, Account Manager King Charles Production

Lali Stanley, Blogger